User Directed Learning Modules

CAI's online learning modules allow individuals to gain skills and absorb information at their own pace. Whether developed in-house or through an online learning consultant, CAI's learning modules are designed to stimulate learning through the use of case- and scenario-based situations that directly relate to the work of our participants. Just like our in-person trainings, our learning modules are rooted in Adult Learning theory and use a variety of interactive and experiential learning activities to motivate and engage the participant, help contextualize learning, help participants retain what they learn, and help transfer the new skills and knowledge to the workplace. CAI's learning modules let participants study a topic on their own time schedule and at their own pace. Assessments and customized feedback given throughout and at the end of each module allow participants to review and gauge their new knowledge and abilities, and to receive certificates and/or continuing education credits, as applicable. Our blended learning options allow for personalized attention and continuation of training received through these modules.

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