Cultural Competency

Cultural competency is an area of expertise at CAI as well as an integral component of our corporate culture and the way in which we approach our operations, programs and services. Studies have consistently found that many underserved populations lack trust in their health care providers or feel disrespected by providers and program staff. Cultural and ethnic differences and misunderstandings frequently undermine the ability of programs to effectively serve their clients.

Cultural competency is integrated into nearly all CAI training curricula and programs in order to

• increase awareness and appreciation of one's own and others' cultural backgrounds, within the context of the specific topics being addressed in training

• identify barriers to culturally competent service delivery

• increase awareness of the negative impact of false assumptions and stereotyping on effective service delivery

• develop effective responses to encounters with co-workers and patients who have different values and/or cultures

In addition to the integration of cultural competency throughout all our capacity-building work, CAI develops and delivers specialized trainings to staff and providers to improve their cultural competency with clients. Each year, we provide more than 50 custom designed cultural competency and diversity training programs to organizations throughout the U.S. We help participants reassess their values, beliefs and assumptions in order to transform their understanding and approach to diverse cultures and situations. We also help them develop skills and strategies for building rapport with emphasis on listening, communicating and focusing on achieving health outcomes.