Distance and Blended Learning

Distance Learning is an educational strategy that uses technology to offer access to education and training courses to participants who are not in the same location as the presenter. Distance learning programs can be anything from a conference call to a webinar to an online, self-paced learning program. There are many benefits to distance learning courses including increased access to capacity-building training programs, training at more convenient times, individuals can learn at their own pace, and/or interact with large groups of learners; access experts and specialists who might not otherwise be available at the learner's location. Distance learning can also be synchronous (all learners learn at the same time, such as in a webinar) or asynchronous (each learner chooses when to use the distance learning program, such as in bulletin boards).

Blended learning refers to integrating face-to-face instruction and distance learning, offering the participant the best of both worlds: an opportunity to benefit from working directly with others and the instructor, and to work with online or other resources. CAI offers blended learning programs that are customized to meet the needs of participants and agencies.