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The New York/New Jersey AETC AIDS Education and Training Center

Cicatelli Associates Inc. (CAI) is a local performance site of the New York/New Jersey AIDS Education and Training Center (NY/NJ AETC). The NY/NJ AETC is the regional center for education and training initiatives designed to meet the needs of HIV/AIDS health care providers in the area. The Center is part of a network of 11 regional and 5 national centers that conduct targeted, multi-disciplinary education and training programs for health care providers treating persons living with HIV/AIDS. Under the direction of the HIV Center, Department of Psychiatry, College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University, the NY/NJ AETC offers a variety of training programs, supports 14 Local Performance Sites and 4 Regional Resource Centers. These sites serve health care providers in their local communities by providing HIV education and training sessions. These sessions offer health care providers access to the most current research and treatment for HIV/AIDS and are designed to assist providers in the provision of optimum quality services and sensitive care to HIV positive persons.
For more information, please contact:

Sam Lerma
505 Eighth Avenue, Suite 1900
New York, NY 10018
Ph: 212-594-7741, ext. 289