NYS COE Website Enhancement Project

In an effort to enhance the current New York State Center of Excellence for Family Planning and Reproductive Health Services’ (NYS COE) website to provide New York State Department of Health-funded (NYS DOH) family planning providers both with what they want and need from a website, the NYS COE team is partnering with CAI’s Communications Department to launch a NYS COE Website Workgroup. Open to all NYS DOH-funded family planning provider agency staff, the workgroup will propose and test new website features, evaluate new layouts and graphics, and support the overall development process throughout a six-week site re-build.

Workgroup members will participate in two 15 question online surveys and two 30-minute conference calls, both of which will support the CAI team to learn how best to enhance the NYS COE website so that it is of utmost value to the family planning provider community. If you have any questions about the Workgroup and its outlined process, please reach out to Marie Crousillat, Deputy Director of CAI’s Communications Department, at mcrousillat@caiglobal.org

To join the Workgroup and help improve the tools and resources available to you and your colleagues, please email Julia Sheed at jsheed@caiglobal.org by Friday, July 24.