achieving condom empowerment plus

Project Overview

Target Population:  Males 16-20 in the New York City foster care system

CAI has been funded by the Office of Adolescent Health to work with eight foster care agencies in New York City, as well as Philliber Associates and Dr. Richard A. Crosby, to implement and rigorously evaluate an intervention, Achieving Condom Empowerment Plus (ACE-Plus), to reduce the incidence of young men ages 16-20 in the foster care system in New York City fathering a teen pregnancy. The long term aim of the intervention is the prevention of teenage pregnancy.

The goal of ACE Plus is to promote correct and consistent use of latex condoms during sex among young males. In addition, this intervention will promote male engagement, dual-method use, positive communications, and supportive decision-making with their female partners in the use of contraception methods.