Our Impact

CAI’s impact is delivered through projects that use our capacity-building expertise to strengthen health and social services. We lead dozens of active projects, working closely with funders, partners, and clients, and engaging external experts when needed. Projects are staffed by CAI team members with expertise in both the subject matter and the capacity-building strategies that the project utilizes.

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Center of Excellence for Protected Health Information

Summary: This project helps health care practitioners, individuals, states, and communities understand and apply health privacy laws related to their work, and it helps patients and families know what their rights are when seeking treatment for substance use disorders or mental health.

New Jersey HIV Trauma-Informed Care Project

Summary: This is a multi-year, statewide initiative that aims to integrate trauma-informed care into the culture and service delivery of HIV-service agencies, with the goal of improving client and staff experience and client health outcomes.

New York State Center for Sexual Violence Prevention (SVP) Training and Technical Assistance

Summary: This project helps agencies in New York State implement community-level primary prevention strategies to reduce the occurrence of sexual violence in priority populations.

Rapid Antiretroviral Treatment Dissemination Assistance Provider (DAP)

Summary: This program helps health care providers initiate antiretroviral treatment (ART) for HIV quickly by identifying the most innovative and effective models for providing rapid ART services and giving health departments and providers tools to replicate them.

Technical Assistance Provider–innovation network (TAP-in)

Summary: This project provides tailored technical assistance and resources to help key governmental agencies and service providers in 47 jurisdictions in the U.S. reduce new HIV infections.